The Captain Legendary Band

The rocking quartet not only focuses on original music, they also possess a rather original configuration of band membership.

What happens when you take a batch of well-seasoned local musicians and combine them into a musical concoction? Go see for yourself as The Captain Legendary Band jumps into the scene with its full-on public display of live music.

Hailing and railing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana all the way to Houston, Texas, while curtailing nothing pertaining to righteousness and proper behavior, this four-piece describes themselves as a “traditional, progressive folk, and bluegrass” band, ready and willing to take modern day music on a hayride through the thorny nettles of the American southern-rock-roots music underbelly – and they mean it, folks.

The music tandem team of Charlie Hager (guitar, lead vocals), Aaron Bancroft (lead guitar, harmony vocals), Jeff Hager (bass), and Matt “The Kid” Groll (drums) began working together in 2006, spanning a myriad of bands in their journey through the southern rock music scene.

This ambitious and inventive four-some creates classic country, electronic-alternative rock music that reaches into the collective consciousness of American contemporary sounds. Often musicians who emulate a sound from the past are destined to succumb to the public perception of revivalist or tribute artist, but The Captain Legendary Band consistently rises above such notions, while proudly and succinctly performing on the perch of their musical roots.

The Captain Legendary Band performing “Lifetime” – the title track off their newest newest album

The Captain Legendary Band performing their hit “Lifetime” the title track off the newest album. This video features European tour footage collected the preceding year. Pick up the album “Lifetime” on iTunes, Google Play,, or come to a show for that extra – special “I was there” physical copy.

Built around the exciting and refreshing concept of performing original songs as a form of personal expression through group participation, this band clearly contain a vision of what a progressive band should be.